A Life Sentence?

A Meditation Moment from my desk on 06/25/2011

“Offer yourself to sin, and it’s your last free act…offer yourself to the ways of God and freedom never quits.” Romans 6:17 (The Message)

If you apply for a job, most likely there will be a box to check if you’ve ever been found guilty of a felony. Unfortunately, most major employees of unskilled labor will not hire felons. “We can’t risk having a felon around so much money.”

Many people who have served their time in prison or jail turn back to “sinful ways” because they become discouraged or desperate for the basics in life: food, shelter, and cash to buy a bus ticket or a gallon of gas to get to their next job interview.

I don’t get it. If you serve your time for a felony conviction and have done your probation and have proven to the courts that you are fit to be back into society, why are employers punishing them again? As a believer I know I have a free pass out of a life-long sentence because of two words: grace and forgiveness.

Dear Lord, please work on the hardened hearts of employers who impose unjust rules on those who have already paid for their mistakes. Amen.

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