A New Name — Daily Meditation Moment

December 29

“You’ll get a brand-new name straight from the mouth of God.” Isaiah 62:2 (The Message Bible)

Forty-eight years ago tomorrow, I became engaged to be married. I remember practicing saying my future new name: Linda Gillis. After saying, “I do,” I’d never be known as Linda Sampson again. Sampson was an okay name (except it was far down the alphabet), but with the name came my nickname, Sam, given to me by my basketball teammates. Occasionally, I’d even hear Coach Argotsinger yell from the bench, “Sam, get in there for the rebounds!” I didn’t mind being yelled at by the coach, but I hated being called Sam.

I suppose I despised my nickname so much because my dad was also called Sam or Sammy. Being raised with three brothers, it was hard enough to break out of the male mold and become a girly-girl.

In baptism we are given a new name: Child of God, which comes without gender preference and is in no particular order in the alphabet. We are all one with God.

Dear God, thank you for giving me a name that will last forever. Amen.

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