A Prophet

“When the Spirit rested on them they prophesied. But they didn’t continue. It was a onetime event.” Numbers 11:25

Today the closest we have to prophets are meteorologists, and I doubt if any of them give the Holy Spirit credit for their craft, but perhaps for the wisdom to use their sophisticated equipment and knowledge. Because of their increasingly more accurate forecasts, lives are saved. When weather reports go out over sirens, TV stations, or the little squawk boxes designed to continually give weather alerts, people are warned of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis. Unfortunately, not everyone is tuned into the weather station or can hear a siren.
When I was a kid out on the farm, we didn’t have good radio reception, and when the weather was bad, so was the radio frequency. Mother served as our meteorologist by watching the sky for signs of wind clouds and tornadoes. She’d warn us kids to stay inside, close to her—much like the mother hens in the chicken coup. If needed, we went to the cellar to wait out a storm.
The prophets of the Old Testament were the forecasters of events to come. They received information from God through the Spirit and passed it on. For whatever reason, God gave some of his prophets only a one-time assignment.
God doesn’t call us today to be prophets, but he calls us into duty to help clean up after disasters, or a one-time opportunity to make a casserole for someone who just had a hip replaced, or to give parents a needed date night by babysitting for their children. Listen for God’s calls in your life!
Dear Lord, I’m ready for duty. Give me a call. Amen

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