A Sign in a Box — Daily Meditation Moment

January 16

“Whatever job you’re given to do, do it. God is with you!” 1 Samuel 10:7 (The Message Bible)

Samuel explained to Saul what he needed to do to be confirmed as prince of all God’s people. To accomplish the task, Saul had to trust that he wasn’t being sent on a wild goose chase. On the journey he met up with a bunch of prophets, the Spirit of God came upon him, and he was transformed and began to prophesy.

Years ago, I picked up a “Guideposts” magazine that had been left in the office. Reading through it I saw little box on the bottom of one of the pages that caught my attention:“Do you have a story to share? Submit it to the “2006 Writer’s Workshop.” I had written a story about my marriage therapy and decided to e-mail it to the address provided. Three months later I received a phone call: “Congratulations you have won the Writer’s Workshop contest.” I had entered a contest without understanding the prize—a trip to New York to work with authors and editors to become a published writer!

As a newbie writer, I would never have entered a contest that thousands of people attempt to win. Call it coincidental or synchronicity, my life changed because of a little notice—God’s confirming sign to me.

Dear Lord, keep our hearts open to your call to share in your work on earth. Amen.

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