A Sore Thumb


“So any prophet who preaches that everything is just fine and there is nothing to worry about stands out like a sore thumb.” Jeremiah 28:8 (The Message)

Whether we like it or not, we are in another presidential campaign season. Some times I think politicians believe they are God-sent prophets. During their campaign speeches, they predict what they can do for the country in four years. Most of the time they do it by tearing down what the current president has not accomplished from his promises in little more than two years of his four-year term in office.
In the minds and hearts of all people, we must know and understand that campaign promises are really campaign hopefuls. Anyone, including Harvard graduates or former governors, can not predict what will happen next in this country. Only God knows, and he’s not sending prophets to run for president.
As Jeremiah challenged a self-proclaimed prophet in the scripture above, we need to challenge anyone who preaches to us that everything in our world is just fine! There are “sore thumbs” everywhere we look.
Lord, help us watch out for false prophets, including those running for office and who might be out to glorify themselves. Amen.

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