A Wilderness Place — Daily Meditation Moment

February 26

“For forty wilderness days and nights he [Jesus] was tested by Satan.” Mark 1: 13

During a time when I needed to sort out my life, I spent five weeks in Holden Village, a retreat center high in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. It takes two days to get to the former mining camp, including a four-hour boat ride to the dock where a school bus picks up guests for the ten-mile trip to the camp. Once there, I gave up my cell phone, internet, and became part of the community life—working, worshiping, dining—with only mail coming only twice a week.

I had free time to go to the gym to work out and plenty of time to hike in the meadows around the village. My favorite spot was the waterfall where I’d sit and watch the water coming down from the mountainside, making its way down the stream, parting for rocks, and observing how something as small as a leaf could change the pattern of the water. There was something I learned from the way the water reacted to obstacles that fed my soul, and I found peace.

Dear Lord, help us find a place and time to spend in our own wilderness during this season of Lent. Amen.

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