Acquaintance or a Friend — Daily Meditation Moment

May 13

“I’ve named you friends because I’ve let you in on everything I’ve heard from the Father.” John 15:15 (The Message Bible)

Yesterday during a phone conversation, my friend said, “One of the reasons I love living in Arizona so much is because of you.” It took a second for me to absorb this, because does this mean if I moved, or heaven forbid, died, she would no longer be happy to live in Arizona? She’s named me as her friend, and I’ve claimed her as my friend, too. What she didn’t know was that she made living in Arizona a better place for me, also. When two people are open and affirming with one another they are no longer just acquaintances. We came out of the same roots in Iowa, which makes us not only friends, but family. Jesus shared deeply with his disciples and made them part of his inner circle—friends.

In John 15, Jesus gave a “root” commandment to love one another. Three simple words, but in reality, they are tough to chew. Not everyone I know is loveable. Some people may say the same thing about me. Should my friend see my unlovable traits, I pray that the roots of our friendship will be strong enough to help us grow through these times and continue to blossom.

Dear Lord, it is through our friendship that I can be a true friend to others. Amen.

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