An Identity Crisis? — Daily Meditation Moment

November 22
“How can I bear to stand by and watch the massacre of my own relatives?” Esther 8:6 (The Message Bible)

When Esther ran for “Queen of Persia” she was advised by Mordecai, her adopted father, to keep her Jewish heritage a secret. During her reign, King’s Xerxes’ highest ranking official, Haman, became incensed with the Jews and wanted to annihilate all of them living in the king’s provinces. When Esther learned of this, she went to the king, and knowing that she could be sentencing herself to death, fell on her knees in front of the king and confessed her true identify. She begged that the king would overturn Haman’s decree and in the end, the Jews fought against their enemies and won.

Many people cross the border from Mexico and live in the U.S. with false IDs. They come with the hope that they can make a better life for their families. All it takes is one disgruntled acquaintance to blow the whistle, and they end up where they started from.

Illegally crossing any border is wrong and should be punished. How would Jesus handle these seekers?

Dear Lord, help me face what my true identity is and if I need to defend it, give me strength to do so. Amen.

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