Bermuda or Rye — Daily Meditation Moment

May 7

“He looked for a harvest of righteousness and heard only the moans of victims.” Isaiah 5:7 (The Message Bible)

As I drive around the Phoenix area, I’m amazed at all the bright green grass in yards, golf courses, and sometimes in schoolyards. It takes work to get and maintain that bright, lush appearance, and the right grass seed. With a lot of water, Bermuda grass thrives in the heat, but it goes dormant in the fall and doesn’t awaken until it warms up again. To keep that highly desirable green appearance, rye grass seed is sown over the top of the Bermuda every fall. It sprouts quickly, like a Chia Pet, looks great, and usually lasts until the Bermuda grass comes alive.

Last winter, volunteer rye grass sprouted between the river rocks in my front yard. I loved the appearance of a green cushion in the yard and let it grow. When it began to die, the tufts of dead grass looked bad and out of place among the rocks, so I spent hours digging up the roots and tossing them into the trash.

In the book of Isaiah, the people of Israel and Judah remind me of the rye grass in my yard. For a while, they produced good things in their lives, danced in the wind, and were full of life. However, when they lost their purpose, their faith withered away and they became victims of their weed-invaded souls.

Dear Lord, help me see the weeds in my own yard and pluck them while they are still green. Amen.

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