Between Sunrise and Sunset — Daily Meditation Moment

February 17
“God speaks out, shouts: ‘Earth!’ welcomes the sun in the east, farewells the disappearing sun in the west.’” Psalm 50:1 (The Message Bible)

God makes his entrance and exit to us through the sunrise and sunsets of our lives. It’s during the daylight hours that most of us work—on a job or at home—to glorify God by serving him and others.

I’m editing my third book, with the help of Ron—a retired professional editor—who graciously uses his daytime hours to read each word, sentence, paragraph, and look for extra spaces between words and text that makes no sense. It gives me comfort and hope that someone is willing to spend so many hours helping me to be a better author. In return, I hope that while he reads my manuscript, he is lifted up spiritually by the message God inspired me to write. God “summons heaven and earth as a jury” (Psalm 50:4). I believe the universe is shouting”: Good job, Ron…keep writing, Linda…Give God the glory for all you accomplished while the sun shines.

Dear Lord, it is through the cycle of days and nights that we can be refreshed to serve you. Amen.

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