Black, White or Gray Areas — Daily Meditation Moment

February 6

“…as they [apostles Paul and Barnabas] presented the clear evidence of God’s gifts, God corroborating their work with miracles and wonders.” Acts 14:6 (The Message Bible)

My husband and I are compatible in many ways, but not when picking a movie for date night. Glen prefers action-packed movies with characters like Indiana Jones or Dirty Harry with his infamous line “Go ahead, make my day.” This type of movie makes my blood pressure rise. Or, he picks a science fiction flick with flashy special effects and creatures that I can’t wrap my brain around, because I am a black and white thinker. I’m convinced that Sci-Fi needs to be nurtured in the gray area of the mind.

Because I am a critical black and white thinker, I understand why many Jews and non-Jews weren’t converted to Christianity just from the preaching and teaching of Paul and Barnabas. How could a humble person, one who died on a cross and miraculously rose from the grave, be the promised Messiah? To me, this sounds too much like a Sci-Fi movie. Perhaps God pulled “miracles and wonders” out of his bag of tricks for people like me who needs proof to believe.

Dear Lord, help me see you in the gray areas of my life. Amen.

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