Born to Teach — Daily Meditation Moment

January 28

“They were surprised at his teaching—so forthright, so confident—not quibbling and quoting like the religion scholars.” Mark 1 22 (The Message Bible)

My youngest daughter, Susan, is 32 and has been teaching at a California state college for several years. She’s about the same age as Jesus was when he did his teaching, preaching, and healing on earth. I can imagine the recreation students being surprised at this young woman in how forthright and confident she is in the classroom.

Jesus didn’t have a syllabus or a schedule in a classroom, he taught where he was, with what he had—the gift from his Father to teach in a manner in which he could surprise others into believing that he was the Messiah.

Teaching is a gift—a gift of the spirit, which is used as a gift to the spirit of those being taught. Susan’s plan is to get her PhD. and return to the classroom with even more credentials than the gift she has been given by God to teach.

Dear Lord, bless everyone who teaches in your name—silently or aloud in a classroom. Amen.

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