Celebrating in the streets …

“When she [Michal, King David’s wife] saw King David leaping and dancing before God, her heart filled with scorn.” 2 Samuel 6:16

imageMore drama in the life of King David. While trying to bring the Ark “home,” he screwed up the transport of the Ark, and one of the deliverymen, Uzzah, was killed for touching it while trying to keep it from falling off the car. David grieved over his errors, and a few months later he successfully brougt the Ark to Jerusalem. In celebtion, he participated in a little ceremonial dance in public. His wife was ashamed of his behavior and told him he was a disgrace to the throne.

I’m not one to do anything that might bring attention to me, so I can’t think of a time (other than maybe at my son’s high school graduation when he received his diploma) I may have acted out of line.

Recently, a crowd of people gathered in the streets of Baltimore to celebrate the indictment of police officers involved in the death of a young black man. My first thought was, “So, they rejoice that there is going to be a trial.” What happens if the officers are found not guilty? How do the demonstrators take back their victory celebration? With more violence, I fear.

Dear Lord, remind us that we should not celebrate in advance before we know the rest of the story. Amen.

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