Child of God — Daily Meditation Moment

November 5, 2011

“Friends, that exactly who we are: children of God. And that’s only the beginning. Who knows how we’ll end up!” 1 John 3:3

My heart breaks when I hear about a homeless 18 year-old child who was recently emancipated and no longer qualifies for foster care. It’s not fair that along the child’s journey to emancipation that no one claimed him or her as their own child through adoption. Children of all ages need an identity beyond their first and last names, and they need a parent or two. Perhaps some emancipated kids were taken to church by their foster parents and taught how to pray. At least they know their heritage: Child of God.

We’ve sheltered several young people for a few months at a time and loved them as if they were our own children. I’m grateful that when they handed me the key to our house that God took over and wrapped them in his tender arms.

Dear Lord, bless all the young people searching for identity in this tough world. Amen.

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