Common Sense?


“She wasn’t created very smart, that’s for sure, wasn’t given her share of good sense.” Job 39:17 (The Message)

“She” in the scripture is referring to a female ostrich. She was given a great body—beautiful feathers, but can’t fly, and long, strong legs that can outrun a horse! But when it comes to mothering, she lays her eggs on hard ground and provides them with no protection while they wait to hatch.
Unfortunately, many teenage girls and young women get pregnant and then eat poorly, drink alcohol, and even use drugs. They get little or no prenatal care and end up delivering premature babies with lots of medical problems. Often someone else will need to take the baby and care for the child.
Is it possible that not everyone is issued a healthy dose of common sense at their birth, or is it something that needs to be developed?
Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of good sense and help me to continue to develop it to serve you and all mankind. Amen.

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