Compassionate Jesus — Daily Meditation Moment

January 23

“Compassion doesn’t originate in our bleeding hearts or moral sweat, but in God’s mercy.” Romans 9:15

In high school, I took vocal lessons and learned the technique of how to use the diaphragm to project the sound. I practiced scales and learned voice control. My vocal teacher ran me through drills and pushed me to sing from the heart.

As a junior, I participated in a high school regional vocal contest, and fifty years later I still remember the words (but don’t ask me to sing…) of the song I performed, “Open Our Eyes” by Donald and Macfarlane – a piece copyrighted in 1956.

The first stanza went like this: “Open our eyes, O loving and compassionate Jesus, that we may behold Thee, that we may behold Thee, walking beside us, walking beside us in our sorrow.” The song progressed with words of Jesus’ death and triumphant, glorious resurrection. The final stanza: “For through its portals we enter into the presence of the Living God…that we may see to follow Thee, Jesus, Jesus….”

Today this song resides as a recording in my heart and soul—no longer just a well-rehearsed piece to receive a mark from a panel of judges (who gave me an “I” rating).

I praise you, Jesus, loving and compassionate Savior, and thank you for caring for me. Amen.

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