Conflict Resolution 101 — Daily Meditation Moment

February 7

“Tempers flared, and they ended up going their separate ways.” Acts 15:39

Conflict in the church? As told in the book of Acts, in the early church Paul and Barnabas disagreed over traveling companions and after harsh words parted company. Who would think that followers of Jesus, who walked the earth as a peacemaker, would act like animals fighting over captured prey?

In one of my former churches, after a long-serving pastor retired, a disgruntled couple in the church held meetings in their homes to rally support to convince the members of the church to return to old policies and procedures. During the new pastor’s first year, time to get acquainted with the members and ministries was spent time putting out fires. In the end, the power of the Holy Spirit prevailed, and the “group of thirty” left the church.

Conflict happens because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Unfortunately, “Conflict Resolution 101” isn’t a required subject in school.

Dear Lord, help us to learn how to disagree without severing the branches of relationships. Amen.

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