Created to Create


“What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with wisdom at your side.” Psalm 104:24

 Sometimes I look around and marvel at what man has made. If God didn’t make it, then everything I touch has been made by someone else’s hands. Many hands were needed to make the clothes I am wearing. The chair I’m sitting on has bolts, fabric, springs, etc. that were made in several factories and shipped to one place to be manufactured. God has his hands in manufacturing as he gives men and women the gift of wisdom to learn, to dream, and to create.

No matter how proud or arrogant we become about all that we create, let us remember that man has never made a tree (altered one, perhaps), a mountain, the water we drink, and the natural foods we eat.

Without God, there would be no morning pleasure here on my porch as I watch birds scratch for food, rabbits nibble on the leaves of a plant, or as I pick a fresh orange off the tree in my backyard.

Dear God, I love all of your creation. Give me wisdom to enjoy and use it to your glory. Amen

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