Daily at my Desk

Every morning (or almost every morning) I take my tea, breakfast, and basket of books, which includes my bible (The Message by Eugene Peterson), my journal, and a few devotion books and head for the screened-in porch to spend time with God and the birds and bunnies. I have a small clock on the table, because the time flies when I’m having fun, Reading and writing are a whole lot more fun these days than when I was a kid in school. I now feel called to write. My high school English teacher would have been thrilled to know that I became a published author.
I am a niche writer that came out of over twenty years working in the church or church-related organizations. One day I wondered if there were any publication of inspirational materials for church support staff and did a search online. I found nothing. As an inspirational writer, I decided if no one else wanted to write for those who work in a church office, perhaps God was calling me to be the one. In the past two years I have published two books under the “Incident” title: “Incidents from the Church Office” and “Incidents and Inpiration from the Church Office.” I’m working on my third book, “Daily Incidents and Inspiration at Your Desk.” In the meantime I will publish blogs to “Daily at My Desk.” I hope you will enjoy what inspires me to keep writing–the love of God and the love of working in the church office.

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