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“That set them off in a frenzy. They ran into the street yelling, “Great Artemis of the Ephesians! Great Artemis of the Ephesians!” They put the whole city in an uproar, stampeding into the stadium … ” Acts: 19:28Phones

Continuing from yesterday’s scripture lesson, we see people rioting because of the damage done by Paul, who preached to the Ephesians there is only one god and it isn’t Artemis. Others joined the crowd, even though they didn’t have a clue what was going on. The town clerk quieted the mob and ended the demonstration, caused by the fear of losing their false god.

Idolatry can be defined as having something in your life you can’t live without—such as a cellphone. I’m not attempting to compare an electronic device with a golden calf, but both point to a disconnected life with God.  Today, cellphones are seen everywhere. If you have or know a teenager, you may need to text him or her as a call for dinner, to do their homework, or take a shower.

A genius developed a way to shut down electronic devices with a twist of a pepper mill. I enjoyed a YouTube film in which a mother had been given the universal shut-down device to try on her family at dinner time. Imagine the wonder and dismay on everyone’s face as the TV shut down, iPhones turned off, and tablet games froze. The dad scrambled to find a faulty wire, children threw their devices on the floor, and a toddler cried. Only the mother smiled. The film ended with the family enjoying dinner and time together–talking.

God could use a magic pepper mill to shut down the idols that rob us of precious time with family, friends, a good book, a jog around the block (with no earbuds).

Lord, let us utilize, not idolize all things created by man. Amen. See the film at

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