Do you suffer from the “blues?”

Paul said, “Anyone signing up for the kingdom of God has go to through plenty of hard times.” Acts 14:22

Today is a two-tea day.

Today is a two-tea day.

Today the life and legacy of Robin Williams is filling the airwaves and social media sites. Fans and friends are devastated that a man who could entertain us–mostly by making us laugh–could not overcome the demons (whatever they were) and the depth of his depression.

Have you ever had a case of the “blues.” And, if it lasted for more than a few hours or days, it felt as if a gray cloud hovered over your head?” New mothers often claim to have “the baby blues” (a mild form of post-partum depression). People living in areas with limited sunshine–especially in the winter–may claim to be sad and may indeed have S.A.D.–Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Over the years I’ve suffered fromĀ all of the above on a minor level and did seek help from my general practitioner. I joked about having canisters on my kitchen countertop labeled Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, and Prozac. However, it wasn’t a joke that I took a little pill every day to feel “level.”

We can only wonder why Robin Williams gave up the fight to live. Let us pray he is living pain free and that his family and friends find peace in the process of mourning his death.

Lord, be with us as we seek help for all of life’s hard times. Amen.

To help understand the stigma of mental illness of all types seeĀ



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