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“Moab has always taken it easy— lazy as a dog in the sun…” Jeremiah 48:11










My dog Daisy was a mangy street dog who chose my son’s home in Phoenix for her new residence. She began to hang around the yard, and for days Michael shooed her away, but a neighbor had mercy on her and fed her. Two weeks later Michael was able to get his hands on her and took her to a veterinarian to check for an ID chip. None. He looked for lost-dog posters. None. Then he sought a groomer and had her clipped and discovered how skinny she had become on the streets.

Usually, when reading about dogs in the Bible, it is in a negative way.  Dogs were not pets and were expected to eat whatever they could find. Lazy dogs surely would have starved.

Yesterday, I took my dog on a long walk. It was 85 degrees out–hardly hot compared with what we experience in Arizona during the summer. Every time Daisy got to a shade tree, she plopped herself down on the ground. After she stalled a few times, it dawned on me she wasn’t being lazy but protecting her body from overheating. I’d give her a moment to rest and then beg her to move on. She’d give me that “You must be kidding” look, and  I’d assure her we were heading home.

Lord, let us value our four-legged friends as they have much to teach us. Amen.

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