Ducking Into the Shell — Daily Meditation Moment

“Even if everyone else is ashamed of you when things fall to pieces, I won’t be.” Mark 14:27,29 (The Message Bible)

The scripture above is one of Peter’s famous statements–he couldn’t believe anything could get between his love and admiration of Jesus. Shortly after the intimate last supper with Jesus and the twelve disciples, the table turned and things got rough. When Jesus was arrested, Peter, out of fear, weakened and caved in, and said he didn’t know Jesus—not once, but three times. However, we need to remember that Peter was human, not divine, like his friend, Jesus.

I love my children dearly, and while raising them, there were many times in the public arena I puffed out my chest, snapped photos, or yelled “at-a-boy” or “good going, girl.” However, there were a few times when I wanted to duck my head into the thick shell I’d developed as a parent and say, “I’ve never seen that kid before.” Fortunately, as with Peter, the moments of denial didn’t last long, and I could assume my role as the proud mother of three wonderfully divine children.

Dear Lord, thank you for bearing the weight of the cross so that we might learn how to bear our own cross. Amen

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