Face It With Faith — Daily Meditation Moment

January 22

“Change your life and believe the Message.” Mark 1:15 (The Message Bible)

This line by Jesus is all about repentance—turning your life around. The Greek translation for the word “repent” is in two words—“meta, and “nous.” Together they mean “beyond mind.” Jesus is saying we need to go beyond the way we see and understand the realities of our every-day life, and then make an effort to make things better.

Yesterday after swimming, I shared the Jacuzzi with a couple who quickly turned the conversation to politics. They were down on everything happening in D.C. and with our Arizona senators and representatives. Their real concern was healthcare and how in a couple of years there would be no doctors willing to accept Medicare patients—“What will we do, [panic]?

I listened to the couple and whenever possible, I lifted up opportunities to think of the reality of life. The huge population of seniors, including many in D.C., will rise up to make sure we have medical care when needed. Then I got “outside of my mind” and said, “I choose not to worry about the future. I have a strong faith—or call me naïve—but everything will be okay.”

Lord, I trust you for my needs—today and tomorrow. Amen.

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