Flying Book? — Daily Meditation Moment

November 15

“I see a book flying, a huge book—thirty feet long and fifteen wide!” …This book is the verdict going out worldwide against thieves and liars.” Zechariah 5:2 (The Message Bible)

Yesterday Zechariah saw horses. Today he sees a flying book. Who is this hallucinating man? Jesus taught in parables, but in the Old Testament messages often came to prophets, such as Zechariah, in the form of visions. The flying book would make a great digital game—imagine it flying all over the world and going into homes, destroying them because the people refused to give up their destructive lifestyle.

We don’t need flying books to destroy homes. We see homes sitting empty—over 250,000 in Maricopa County (Arizona)! Many of the homeowners were victims of purchasing a home they couldn’t really afford because of mortgages too easy to secure. Some homes fall apart during divorce settlements or through foreclosures when jobs are eliminated or health issues chomped away at their savings. The empty homes have for sale signs out front begging someone to give it new life.

Dear Lord, help us watch out for the “flying books” in our own homes. Amen.

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