Fresh Eyes — Daily Meditation Moment

May 14

“There is something I’m looking for: a person simple and plain, reverently responsive to what I say.” Isaiah 66:2 (The Message Bible)

Recently, my friend, Val, had her eyelids surgically repaired. The lid had begun to sag and cover the upper portion of her eyes. I have saggy eyelids, too, just like my father (who had his repaired), and sometimes my eyes feel tired and my vision is impaired. Val looked at my eyes and said, “You should go to my doctor and see if he can do your eyelids, too.”

After seeing the swelling and bruising around Val’s eyes, (not enough time with frozen peas on the eyes), I wondered if I wanted to go through the procedure. The next day, I stood in front of a mirror, and with my pinky fingers, lifted my eyelids to see what I’d look like if I had the surgery. Amazing–I definitely looked more alert, and maybe a tad-bit younger.

God wants us to feel good about ourselves–plastic surgery won’t impress him. However, if a procedure enhances your life, and you can afford the cost (emotionally and in the pocketbook)), I’m thinking God would approve. We must remember, though, that regardless of how we look, God wants us to remain simple and plain in our spiritual journey.

Dear Lord, help us to live simply in order to see opportunities with fresh eyes. Amen

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