God’s Gift for Me


“God’s various gifts are handed out everywhere; but they all originate in God’s Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 12:4

I discovered the gift of writing a few years ago during the time I was experiencing a lot of personal turmoil. At a journaling class someone told me that I had a gift for putting the right words down to inspire others in their faith journey. It was as if this gift from God had been wrapped up and left under the Christmas tree for sixty years, and God knew I needed it then. It is good that God’s gifts are revealed in a timely manner. I may have not recognized my gift of writing and speaking if I had received it before I had time to spend learning and growing in the field.
One question I am frequently asked after a presentation is, “How do you remember so many incidents that you write about in your books?” That’s easy to answer. “I don’t.” I tell them. “The Holy Spirit pokes around in my memory bank and pulls them out one at a time.” If I sit down to write a story or devotion and labor over words, sentences, and paragraphs, it is because I have not tuned into my Spirit channel.
When the weather permits, I go to my porch every morning and read scripture and devotionals (in between watching rabbits romp and birds flitter over my flowers) and write in my journal. The rest of the year I find a sunny spot in my house where I can feel God’s presence. For every minute I spend in this quiet manner, I fill my spiritual pool. On busy writing days, I drain the pool almost dry and look forward to time with God again.
Dear Lord, help me use my gifts to encourage others to use their gifts from you. Amen.

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