From my desk…thinking like Jesus …


Since Jesus went through everything you’re going through ad more, learn to think like him.  1 Peter 4:1

I sometimes forget Jesus was human–he lived among sinners, yet he remained sinless.  He experienced heartache, grief, abuse, rejection, betrayal, and pain, and as he carried the cross on the path to his own crucifixion, he knew his destiny. He could think like his Father because he was of his Father.

To think like Jesus means that I have to start thinking beyond my selfish ways. After the tornado went through Joplin, Missouri, I said to my husband, “For our vacation this summer we should pack up the motor home and go to Joplin to see how we can help.” But within the next few days I found myself searching the internet looking for a ticket to fly to New Jersey to celebrate our grandson Mason’s first birthday. What would Jesus have done?

I believe God is telling me to think in real time. “Linda, family is important, too. Find another way to help people right in your own neighborhood until you can go out and help others farther away.”

Lord, thank you for reminding me that if I think like Jesus, I’ll find the answers to everyday problems and concerns. Amen.

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