Go and See — Daily Meditation Moment

December 24

“Seeing [the Savior] was believing.” Luke 2:17 (The Message Bible)

I wonder at God’s master plan to bring the Savior into the world through the medium of a common young woman engaged to a carpenter. Unlike celebrities who flaunt their life in front of a camera to seek fame and fortune, Mary went about her pregnancy quietly, working through the adversaries of being an unwed mother, and carrying the “Secret” to full term.

God continued the drama of the birth of Jesus when he staged the birth of the Messiah in a stable surrounded by animals. Joseph borrowed a manger from the animals to place the special baby. Then, instead of sending birth announcements to high priests or other people of affluence or influence, God used an angel to tell shepherds—blue-collar workers—to go and see the baby.

Perhaps the shepherds could experience the news of the Messiah’s birth without bias or fear and were able to freely express their joy in seeing the child.

Dear Lord, help me as I worship this Christmas Eve to see The Baby with fresh eyes and an eager heart to go and tell others of God’s gift of love, peace, and joy. Amen.

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