God’s Handiwork — Daily Meditation Moment

November 18

“Come, let us worship: bow before him, on your knees before god, who made us!” Psalm 95: 6 (The Message Bible)

God made everything we see—if not through nature, through the hands and minds that invented and engineered almost everything we touch. To think that someone had to make the screws that holds my office chair together and the staples under the seat, etc., etc., is mind boggling. And then think of the complexity of the machines that make the product and how many hands touched the screw from the moment it came off the machine until it got into a tiny bin at True Value! It is no wonder that good products are expensive.

Of all the things man has made, nothing compares with the mountains, caverns, oceans, trees, plants, etc. that God created. We should never get so comfortable with what we can create with our own hands that we forget about God’s handicraft in making it all possible.

Dear Lord, thank you for creating everything and being the God of all gods. I will give you the credit for what is yours—everything. Amen.

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