Good sense or common sense?

“Good sense will scout ahead for danger, Insight will keep an eye out for you.” Proverbs 2:11

imageOn the website, I took a test to find out if I have common sense. I scored high on the test, but then my common sense told me that the test was one of the dumbest I’ve ever taken, and anyone could score high on it.

Let’s assume that the “good sense” King Solomon referred to in Proverbs 2 is what we now consider common sense. I’ve always thought common sense is something we inherit from our gene pool, not taught. However, Dan Willingham, a psychologist and author, after much consideration, wrote “But can common sense be taught? To some extent, yes. With sufficient practice, people can come to recognize the types of errors the reflective mind makes, and learn to avoid them.” [Encyclopedia Britannica Blog May 18, 2009]

Willingham’s theory that practice can help me grow in common sense gives me hope. Perhaps I won’t get entrapped so often in scams and schemes, such as when I clicked on a “You won a new iPad” link on the computer and then received an onslaught of emails from vendors of all types–and no new iPad.

God gives us a sense deep within our gut that indicates when our good sense has failed, and we are headed for danger. Our job is to slow down and watch for the warning signs to keep us on the right path on our faith journey.

Lord, thank you for being the scout on patrol in my life. Amen.

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I am a retired church office servant, a writer, speaker for conferences, events, and retreats, and advocate for those who work in the church office. I began writing seriously after winning the 2006 Guideposts Writer's Workshop and being published in "Guideposts" and "Angels on Earth" magazines. I have self-published two book, "The Donut Theory--Meditation and Inspiration for the Church Office" and "Humble Beginnings--Daily Meditation Moments". My other passion is family and traveling to visit family and friends.
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