Grace for the Wicked? Daily Meditation Moment

December 5

“If the wicked are shown grace, they don’t seem to get it. In the Land of right living, they persist in wrong living, blind to the splendor of God.” Isaiah 26:10 (The Message Bible)

I’ve become a faithful TV spectator of football—college and professional. In the game I watched last night, yellow flags flew all over the field for unsportsmanlike conduct and other no-no’s. The TV commentators moaned, and the coach standing on the sidelines frowned and shook his head. It’s too bad the TV cameras couldn’t have continued to film in the locker room following that game.

Perhaps the coach needs to play baseball with the players that continue to show little grace for their opponents—three strikes and you’re out until you learn how to play the game fairly.

The 26th chapter of Isaiah is full of pleas and thanksgiving for a God of grace, and a reminder that all people really want is “a peaceful and whole life” (v. 12).

Lord, let us strive to live a life of right living. Amen

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