Green Sprouts — Daily Meditation Moment

December 6

“God’s Branch will sprout green and lush.” Isaiah 4:2 (The Message Bible)

The man who lives behind me has a small winter garden in the middle of the rock landscaping. It’s fenced off with mesh wire to keep rabbits from nibbling away at the plants. A special fabric shades the plants from the hot noon sun and from frostbite by night. I watch the plants grow from a green shoot into large stalks, but I don’t know what it’s producing—could be squash or some kind of lettuce greens.

Perhaps the people of Zion were not ready to hear Isaiah say, “God is going to send a baby—the Messiah.” But because they knew a bit about agriculture, they could relate to planting seeds and then watching for it to sprout through the ground and to become nourishing produce.

In Advent we dig deep and plant hope into our souls and wait for God’s branch to sprout through with something green and lush. Unlike the people of Zion, we know the rest of the story—Jesus is the produce.

Dear Lord, please sprout something green and lush in my spirit during this Advent season. Amen.

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