Heads Swimming — Daily Meditation Moment

April 8

“They got out as fast as they could, beside themselves, their heads swimming. Stunned, they said nothing to anyone.” Mark 16:8 (The Message Bible)

When was the last time your head was swimming with stunning news? The morning paper gives us many opportunities to read bad news, similar to the horrific news of Good Friday when Jesus was unjustly punished. Sometimes our heads spin with good news!

For three days after Jesus’ death, his disciples spent time alone, mourning and wondering, “What the heck happened? Why? What next?” Mary Magdalene, Mary (mother of Jesus), and Salome left their homes and appeared on the scene Easter morning to embalm Jesus with spices. On their way to the tomb, the women wondered how they would roll the heavy stone away from the grave. In John, chapter 20, we read that Mary Magdalene went alone to the grave on Monday and found it open.

I could spend time surfing the net to find out which version is the “real” one, but today is Easter. I want to soak in the stunning news that Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Dear Lord, we give you thanks for making our heads swim with the good news of Easter. Amen.

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