Heart Rhythm — Daily Meditation Moment

January 7

The first thing he [Paul] said was, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? Did you take God into your mind only, or did you also embrace him with your heart?” Acts 19:2

Paul suspected that the disciples had been baptized by John the Baptist, who preached “life change.” He told them that in order to receive Jesus in their heart, they needed to receive the Holy Spirit. Upon laying his hands on each person, the Holy Spirit entered them and they began to praise God!
I’m preparing to do a retreat in Chicago in July titled, “The Four Chambers of the Sacred Heart.” It’s easy to see Body, Mind, and Soul as three of the four “chambers” of the heart of the retreat, but I haven’t been able to settle on the fourth “chamber.”

The heart is part of a team, and without the lungs, brain, and other organs, it couldn’t beat and would be useless. In the same way, the body, mind, and soul function as a team. Perhaps the fourth chamber of the heart retreat should be “Rhythm.” When the music of the heart goes off beat or stops, so does life.

Dear Lord, we praise you for the love that keeps the rhythm of our hearts beating. Amen.

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