Here Comes the Judge — Daily Meditation Moment

January 10

“Then God raised up judges who saved them [the Israelites] from their plunders But they wouldn’t listen to their judges.” Judges 2:16 (The Message Bible)
Comedian Flip Wilson donned a black robe and strolled across a stage saying, “Here comes the judge…here comes the judge…” and the audience ate it up—laughed themselves silly. I never got it. Comedians get a lot of laughs because people related to their antics and stories. Unfortunately, comedians often show us how easy it is to poke fun at other people’s sinful ways.

I have begun to write a standup comedy routine with the hope that at least once in my life I can perform an act. I poke fun at myself and what aging does to the body and mind. But I would be ashamed to get up in front of a crowd and tell the weird things I’ve have done in the past just to get a laugh. I must admit that I have laughed at the errors of others, and that I no longer see humor when someone stumbles along their path in life.

The judges that God appointed in Israel had a hard job—the people were out of control—and God wasn’t laughing.

Dear Lord, please be the judge and jury of all my sins so that I can be sanctified in your grace. Amen.

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