How times change …

“These are the instructions for a woman who gives birth to either a boy or a girl.”Leviticus 12:7

God gave Moses instructions how to treat a woman after having a baby. The new mom is considered unclean for seven days (same as during her period). If the baby is a boy, he will be circumcised at day eight. Then the mother is confined to her home for another thirty-three day for purification.

Anita Diamant wrote a novel, The Red Tent, based on the story of Dinah—Jacob’s only daughter. It reveals the traditions and turmoil of women in ancient times. The red tent was the place women spent one week each month during their menses and the time after a baby was born.

My mother told me that after giving birth with us kids she had to stay in the hospital for ten days. On the ninth day she had to lie still, as that was the day “everything went back into place.” Now, women give birth in the morning and can leave that day or stay a couple nights permitted by insurance.

A couple of weeks ago, during a worship service the pastor pointed out a couple with a new baby and said, “This child has never missed a Sunday going to church.” She had been born just a few days earlier. I remember feeling blessed to just shower and get my clothes on during the early weeks after having a baby.

Lord, be with all mothers as they bring their babies into the world. Amen

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