Hum Along — Daily Meditation Moment

November 28
Carrying harps of God…they sang the Son of Moses, servant of God.” Revelation 15:2,3 The Message Bible)

My friend Karin takes her harp all over Phoenix to spend time in hospice centers playing and singing to patients. She has amazing stories to tell, like when after playing and singing to someone in a comatose state, the person woke up long enough to say goodbye to loved ones. She said that there is strong belief that harp music enters the body not only through the ears, but through the skin. Karin has witnessed patients who were laboring to breathe when she entered the room, but when they heard the music, they suddenly began to breathe in a steady pattern.

Scripture has been set to music and is sung as part of worship services. In some churches hymns of praise are as important as the sermon. If you find yourself needing a boost, turn on the radio or stereo and hum along with the music—unless it’s hip-hop.

Thank you, Dear Lord, for the gift of music. Amen.

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