Hurry Not — Daily Meditation Moment

May 1

“God takes the time to do everything right—everything. Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones.” Isaiah 30:18 (The Message Bible)

The week before I left for the Christian Writer’s Conference, I spent hours working on a manuscript to take with me in case an agent or publisher asked to see a sample of my writing. I mentioned to my pastor friend how I felt drained from writing the book proposal. In his silver-haired wisdom, he said, “Linda, I know you won’t take anything that you aren’t one-hundred percent sure is ready.” In reality, he was telling me to stop trying to force something into being.

The scripture in Isaiah backs up my friend’s advice. I needed to forget about getting the book proposal done to avoid going to the conference with my nerves frazzled and body worn out. At the conference, I discovered that I didn’t need the proposal—the agents and publishers were over their heads in manuscripts to read. the agents and publishers were over their heads in manuscripts to read. They were willing to wait to see my book proposal, and by taking time to write the manuscript to the best of my ability, I may be one of the lucky one who gets a contract.

Dear Lord, give me wisdom to pace myself—to do your will, not mine. Amen.

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