I’ll Be Home For Christmas — Daily Meditation Moment

December 23

“Everyone had to travel to his own ancestral hometown to be accounted for.” Luke 2:3

Joseph took Mary on a journey to his hometown to register for the census that Caesar Augustus had ordered. During their stay in Bethlehem, Jesus was born, and Bethlehem became his hometown.

Can you imagine if congress issued a decree today that during 2012 everyone had to go to their birthplace to register for a census! The airlines, trains, and highways would be jammed with mass chaos. Glen and I would be fortunate in that once we arrived in Iowa, we would only have to travel about fifty miles from Warren County where he was born to Story County where I came into this world. Unlike Mary and Joseph who slept in a barn, we would wait to register in our RV with a comfy bed, a little kitchen, bathroom, and a TV.

During the holidays—especially Christmas—people find comfort and joy in going home for the holidays. But for those of us who can’t go home this year, or who no longer have a “home” to go to, we’ll experience Christmas in the words of the famous Christmas song sung by Bing Crosby, “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my heart.”

Dear Lord, make room in my heart for you, too, as I celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas. Amen.

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