Just a Little Seed Pod — Daily Meditation Moment

February 21

“This Christian life is a great mystery, far exceeding our understanding.” 1 Timothy 3:16 (The Message Bible)

While clearing the front yard (a bed of crushed rock) of weeds, I found a two-inch diameter baby cactus entering the atmosphere as a volunteer. In order to dig out weeds around the cactus, I need a shovel to break through the ground. It hasn’t rained since December, and the ground is as harder as a rock. How the seed pod, which looks like a little missile, can make its way through the rocks and attach to the surface of the ground and grow, is beyond my imagination. I can almost bet that if I had found that seed pod, cleared away a layer of rocks, dug a hole and planted the seed, it would never have sprouted.

My faith life is just as amazing. There are days I don’t dig around in my bible, scrape the surface of my prayer life, and fail to spread the good news about Jesus, and yet, somehow, my faith grows. Perhaps God sees directly into my heart and thinks, “This one is worth cultivating!”

Dear Master Gardener, I give you thanks for caring for me—just a seedling in my faith growth. Amen.

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