In God we trust?

“God handed the Hagrites and all their allies over to them, because they [The families of Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh,44,760 men] cried out to him during the battle. God answered their prayers because they trusted him.” 1 Chronicles 5:20

Can you pay no attention to God?

Can you pay no attention to God?

In God We Trust has been the official motto of the U.S. since 1956, a tense time during the cold war, as a way to distinguish itself from the Soviet Union, who promoted state atheism. It took many people in congress to trust that it was the right thing to do to put In God we Trust on all U.S. coins since 1864 and paper money in 1957.

Every few years a small group of atheists file suit against the United States to get the word “God” removed from coins and currency. They claim it violates their First Amendment rights. One man interviewed on the radio said he found it offensive to have money in his pocket with the word “God” printed on it.

If I were an atheist, it wouldn’t be a big deal, as I don’t like to carry much cash. I’ve lost my wallet three times, and I’m not fond of giving anyone money. The words “In God we Trust” written on the coins and bills doesn’t keep them from being stolen. Perhaps the atheist who said it offended him to have “God” in his pocket, could do as I do and carry credit and debit cards. That works for me, but he people probably doesn’t trust plastic either.

Dear Lord, help us trust you in all things, including the decisions made by those we elect into office. Amen.

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