Integrity — Daily Meditation Moment

January 31

“Then God gave speech to the donkey. She said to Balaam: “What have I ever done to you that you have beat me these three times.” Numbers 22:28 (The Message Bible)

I recently saw the movie “War Horse,” about a horse and his trainer and how the horse survived his duty in World War I and was reunited with his trainer. It was tough to watch, because the horse was abused and overworked by the Germans. If he could have been given speech, he no doubt would have cursed the oppressors of the war—“What have I done to you to deserve being abused?”

I read an article about the movie which explained that the horses were not hurt in any way in filming the movie. I’m grateful for the producer’s way of making the movie with integrity.

Balaam was on a mission to help Balak curse the Israelites. God intervened by causing the horse to see an angel three times along the journey,which made him stop quickly, causing his rider to fall. The donkey was actually delaying Balaam from self-destructing, but was beaten out of Balaam’s frustration. The donkey’s last words were: “Am I not your trusty donkey on whom you’ve ridden for years right up until now? Have I ever done anything like this to you before? Have I?”

Lord, please help us not to lose our integrity when frustrated or disappointed and be hurtful to any living creature. Amen.

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