It’s All About Grace

“It [Grace] was all his [God’s] idea, a gift prepared for us in Jesus.” 2 Tim 1:9
One time I spent a whole day at a women’s seminar on the topic of grace. I’m not sure I understood the concept of being saved by grace any more at the end of the day. Grace is complicated! How can anyone give me something I don’t deserve and do it over and over, day after day. That someone is God.
I came away from the seminar reminded that God is loves and he can do anything he wants! God believes in you and me. He believes we are worth a first, second, third, and even more chances to figure out that life is better if we live it in a Christ-like manner.
I can’t buy anything as precious as grace. And, guess what. I don’t have to. Jesus died on the cross and paid the ultimate price for my sins—and yours.
Dear Lord, I may never understand the concept of grace, but I understand how grateful I am for the gift of grace. Amen.

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