It’s the Gift, Not the Package — Daily Meditation Moment

February 9

“Father, if the prophet had asked you to do something hard and heroic, wouldn’t you have done it? So why not this simple ‘wash and be clean’?” 2 Kings 5:13

In 2 Kings,the king of Aram sent his general, Naaman, to the king of Israel to be cured of a bad skin disease. The king took offense to being asked to use his power (that could provide life or death) to just heal a man with a non-life threatening skin disease. Elisha used the king’s anger as an opportunity to heal Naaman, and at the same time, help Naaman learn that there was a prophet in Israel. However, instead of going to meet directly with Naaman, he sent a messenger who told Naaman told that in order to be healed, he must immerse himself seven times in the River Jordan.

Naaman took offense that he’d come all this way and neither the king of Aram, nor Elisha, had met with him. Finally, Naaman’s servant convinced him to take the plunge into the river to be healed.

Was Naaman different from someone who makes an appointment to see his or her doctor, and after waiting for an hour, ends up frustrated or angry when a nurse practitioner walks into the room instead of the doctor? If it were you, would you leave the office without being treated?

Dear Lord, help us remember that it is the gift, not the package in which it is delivered, that provides healing. Amen.

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