June 6, 2011 — from my desk…

John 17:11 “Holy Father, guard them as they pursue this life.” (The Message)

The ascension story–Jusus was parting ways with his earthly friends–time to go home to his Father. He knew his work had just begun in making God known to the new believers. “Father guard them…”
I pray similar words when I think of my children. I did all I could to help them grow up to be independent, but I know they still need encouragement and help with discerning situations.
My son is works hard to develop his business…”What more can I do to build this business into a profitable one?” My older daughter is seeking a new vocation. “Is nursing what I need?” My younger daughter is a new foster parent. “Can I love and let go of the children we care for?”
Jesus loved his followers as if they were his children. God loves us as his children, too, and he will guard us through all our life challenges, decisions, and concerns–even if we let down our guard and forget to place our trust and faith in him. All we have to do is give him our heart and soul to hold in his hands.
Dear Father, please guard my heart and soul today as if I were your only child. Amen.

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