Germ warfare …

“These are the things I want you to teach and preach. If you have leaders there who teach otherwise, who refuse the solid words of our Master Jesus and this godly instruction, tag them for what they are: ignorant windbags who infect the air with germs of envy, controversy, bad-mouthing, suspicious rumors.”  1 Timothy 6:2-4

How do germs affect our lives? Even though our bodies were created to work hard for our good health, man has figured out ways to screw it up. One invader into our system is the almighty germ! The “cooties” are so small and sneaky they can get into our bodies without notice and can cause havoc to the digestive system and other organs.

On two separate occasions, I’ve been hospitalized for food-poisoning symptoms, both caused by chicken soup I ate that had been in the refrigerator more than three days. Refrigeration does not stop bacteria from growing, nor does re-heating the soup for a minute or so. I don’t take chances on eating anything these days–especially chicken–and I freeze food when I’m not going to eat it immediately.

In 1 Timothy, we learn of another type of “germ contamination.” Unfortunately, we are infected daily by people’s ugly thoughts, words, and actions. Timothy prescribed we should see them as they are. We stay strong by keeping ourselves as “germ” free as possible by keeping God close to our heart and feeding our soul by focusing on clean living.

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I am a retired church office servant, a writer, speaker for conferences, events, and retreats, and advocate for those who work in the church office. I began writing seriously after winning the 2006 Guideposts Writer's Workshop and being published in "Guideposts" and "Angels on Earth" magazines. I have self-published two book, "The Donut Theory--Meditation and Inspiration for the Church Office" and "Humble Beginnings--Daily Meditation Moments". My other passion is family and traveling to visit family and friends.
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