Me–a Missionary?


“…they laid hands on their heads and sent them off.” Acts 13:3b

Barnabas was one of the first Christian missionaries. Because he had been empowered by the Holy Spirit, he was able to travel to virgin territory and break the news to everyone about Jesus—his life, death, and resurrection.
The first time I heard a presentation from a missionary to Africa, I thought, “It would be great to be a missionary!” But then the “buts” started. But I couldn’t live in a foreign country by myself…learn a tribal language …sleep on a mat in a hut made of mud…eat rice three times a day….leave my family for years at a time.
God knows my heart. He knows if and when to call anyone into the ministry of being a missionary. He would never call me out of my comfort zone because of my buts.
The United States is one of the top mission fields in the world—people have become immune to religion. Perhaps Jesus set the example of being a missionary on your own soil: Whenever we treat someone with love and respect, the Jesus we want to make known to others will begin to shine through, and the opportunities will follow to become a missionary.

Dear Savior, let me learn more about you by telling your stories to others. Amen.

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