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“A song to our strong God! a shout to the God of Jacob! Anthems from the choir, music from the band, sweet sounds from lute and harp, Trumpets and trombones and horns: it’s festival day, a feast to God!” Psalm 81:1-3









Friday night I attended a production of “The Music Man.” The music and acting was  great, and the plot involving town folks in a small Iowa town called River City resembled some of the people I knew as a kid. The main character, Professor Herald Hill, is a con-artist salesman who stops in River City with the idea of making a quick buck and then getting out of town. To sell the instruments, he convinced the parents that their children needed to form a band to keep out of trouble. He said he would teach them to play, but was exposed as a fraud.

In 1 Samuel, David was a musician called upon to bring Saul out of a depression. You might say David was the first music therapist. In contrast, the people of River City placed their hope on a false musician. However, they were pleased when their kids appeared in band uniforms and blew their new horns, pounded on their drums, and attempted to make a joyful noice for the community. Professor Hill accomplished his goal to make money, and because one person, Marian the Librarian, believed in him, he became a changed man and didn’t have to leave town on the next train.

Lord, thank you for the sound of music to enhance our lives. Amen.

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