Orange Cones and Barricades — Daily Meditation Moment

December 1

“Make the road straight and smooth, a highway fit for our God.” Isaiah 40:3 (The Message Bible)

Grand Avenue is a diagonal four-lane road that runs from the northwest valley of the Phoenix area to the center of the city. There are miles without stoplights, and the traffic flows along—making it a good commute route. But the tremendous amount of vehicles on the road makes for constant repair of the surface. When the orange cones and barricades come up, drivers become annoyed.

In the Isaiah message today, the prophet is telling the people that they need to prepare their lives to be fit for what was to come—the Messiah. During Advent we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus—the renewal of the message that God has sent his son to pave the way for all his children to find eternal life.

During Advent, when you come up against road construction, think about this message from Isaiah.

Dear God, give us the material it takes to smooth our path to you. Amen.

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